Camino del Agua – the finishing touches



In a matter of weeks we will have finished recording Camino del Agua, my new EP. Five unpublished songs, many months of work, strings, guitars, percussion, vocals. Still so much left to do: recording the lead vocals, editing, mixing, mastering. And then the artwork, the design, manufacturing, financing, distributing, promoting, shooting the videos…


Why Camino del agua? Well, it’s the title of possibly the most personal track on the EP. I’ve been living in the Madrid sierra for many years now, in close contact with nature. At different moments I have felt that the mountains, the rocks, the trees, all the plants and animals with whom we share our lives in this part of the world, are part of a wounded whole, to which I too belong. A precariously balanced ecosystem that is subjected to a heavy and unfair pressure from the human beings that interact with it, a system whose well-being is also ours. We are these rocks, these trees, these animals, and without them we cannot survive. Thanks to this natural environment I have the great fortune to live in, I can breathe, create, feel my body move. It is there when I wake up and when I go to sleep, and I believe it nurtures my lyrics and my music.



Camino del agua means Path of Water, and it refers to a mountain path I have walked almost daily for the last 15 years, that has been a constant companion throughout the ups and downs of my life. It is constantly changing and evolving through the different hours of the day, the changing seasons, from year to year, and has given me so much peace and so much solace.


On several occasions the songs have taken on a life of their own, refusing to go down roads producer Sebastián Merlín and I had initially chosen for them. For instance, I’m Not Here Today, a song about the desire to vanish momentarily, put up a stiff resistance to our proposal to waltz, and finally won the battle and is currently enjoying being binary (albeit somewhat waltzily disguised). And Gris Profundo, my first protest song, has decided to see the light in a froth of strings and sparkling vocals, at a far remove from the sobriety we expected.


My intention is for the EP to be published at the beginning of this coming year, with any luck. For now, I’ll leave you with a few seconds from the final chorus of Camino del agua, as a little appetizer. Enjoy!