Welcome to BodyVoice!







a path made of stones that stay above the surface of deep water, winds toward a unknown destination in a sunny day




I am very happy to share this space with you and offer up news and BodyVoice events, as well as occasional musings and reflections. It has taken quite a long time to come together, but now the moment has arrived and it is ready – and so am I.

Creating a webpage is a little like taking stock of who you are, as well as what you are willing to share with the world. This area of work, BodyVoice, that I am offering, can be quite difficult to put into words, as it is so experiential and based on bodily sensations and emotions. Having the strong, clear backbone of Kristin Linklater’s progression and the fluid, holistic body of Linda Hartleys’s Body Movement Therapy as support has made writing and editing content a great deal easier.

We do not step out into the world alone, and we do not start new projects alone. As babies, we are born into a family. And our ancestors stand behind us, invisible, giving us strength and rootedness. As I embark on this project of coming out into the world with my work, I feel the support of my teachers – I have had many, but the two that really underpin the essence of what I do are Kristin and Linda. So my blog begins with a deep bow and a heartfelt thank you to these two wise and wonderful women.