A Slow Start




Here in Spain the summer is not quite over, which means that September can often be a very slow, transitional month. I find myself reining in a certain impatience as I witness how long it takes for things to get up and going again, and how we still haven’t quite stepped into our working lives: some people are taking off for a final few days of vacation, while others suggest that you get back to them in October. Still, there is something quite lovely about being able to slip so slowly out of our summer bodies and into our autumn life.

This has been a wonderful, rich summer for me. After a period of illness in the spring, I have been able to rest deeply and truly let go of tensions and exhaustion. In the middle of July I attended an Authentic Movement Retreat in Suffolk, led by my teacher Linda Hartley. We spent 5 days in a converted barn exploring Ritual Practice, a group format with a very specific structure. I found myself returning over and over again to the meaning of truly resting, the difference between doing and being, and the power of the collective. Find out more about Linda Hartley and her work here :

So here’s what the autumn looks like for me. In October I will be facilitating Planeta Cuerpo, a month-long exploration of the body systems through movement, breath, sound, play, imagination and experiential anatomy, at La Casa Encendida. I’m excited that it is part of the environmental department, as I feel very strongly that environmental awareness begins at home, that is, in our bodies. Find out more here

At the moment I am fascinated by all the potential benefits of interoception (one of our sensory systems, that allows us to listen to our bodies’ inner workings), and hope to explore this during the workshop, as well as possibly write a blog entry specifically around the subject. Did you know, for instance, that a study by the University of Cambridge showed that the best brokers have excellent interoception? You can read more about it here :

And finally, I am now offering one-to-one Body Movement Therapy sessions in a beautiful new space in Madrid. And as I am still in the final phase of my training, my rates are beautifully low!


I wish you a gentle reentry into your working life, and a sweet start to the autumn.