“A tiny masterpiece” – Fernando Neira

Fernando Neira, music critic at El País, writes beautifully about Camino del Agua in his series #UnDiscoAlDía. Here’s the translated version:

I’m not too sure that EPs as a format are my cup of tea. In fact, I tend to see them as a minor annoyance: they sound like unfinished, inconclusive work, a half-baked discourse, yes but no. This is my initial objection; however, this new piece of work from Ana Laan gives reason to make an exception. Because Camino del Agua, I must say with urgency, is an absolute marvel. A thing of great beauty. A commotion. Five impeccable songs, two in Spanish, three in English. The opening track, Gris Profundo, with its great load of criticism (and depth) reminds us of the serene, silken, utterly original voice of the fabulous Cristina Lliso. The tracks in English belong more to the realm of folk singer-songwriting, but, while they are all truly lovely, let us focus on I’m Not Here Today. An ultra-sensitive piece of finery, a brush with beauty, along the lines of Aimee Mann or Inara George. Laan leaves us craving more, because 18 minutes, naturally, are far from enough. But these 18 minutes are fantastic and are crying out for a prolongation. Let us hope this tiny masterpiece does not become a mere anecdote: let us hurry to open up the path for more.

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