Another lovely review

This time, by Sergio Miró, in online magazine Internauta What a pleasure to be listened to in such depth and to feel somehow understood!  Here’s what he says:

You build a home recording studio and make sure it gets plenty of daylight. Then you give that studio a window that gives onto a plum tree. You record vocals while the tree is in full foliage and take pains to finish the last take before the last leaf has fallen from the tree.  These may seem like whimsical details, but not if your name is Ana Laan, and delicacy and the hidden beauty of simple things are integral to your musical discourse. 

This has always been the case in the the work of this unique singer-songwriter, who is as Spanish as she is multi-cultural.  She appears to do very much her own thing, while producing exquisite and beautifully finished music (on this occasion, with the help of Sebastián Merlín (who produces and plays many of the instruments on the EP) and  Leo Sidran on the piano, as well as the highly reliable Charly Bautista on guitars and bass).

This EP, which was indeed recorded with the presence of that plum tree as landscape and source of inspiration, invites us to an immersion into five songs that alternate Spanish and English, five ways of understanding Ana Laan’s discourse, always full of playful melodies, primarily accoustic instrumentation, and balancing between pop, “world” and classical music, and celestial vocal harmonies.  But do not make the mistake of believing that everything in Ana Laan is as harmless as it appears to be.  Under a predominantly poetical tone, with mythological references (Dionysus), Ana is capable of irony, of erasing herself from that which is most alien to her in the world,  (I´m not here today), placing her shrewdness and particular perspective at the service of some of the causes that have stirred consciences and caused outrage in this country (the surprising Gris profundo).